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What we are about

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Sapience Assessments is an online platform that provides a variety of non-clinical psychometric assessments for the use in business. Our assessments are used to support and enhance:

  • Individual and team development

  • Coaching

  • Recruitment and selection 

  • Career development

  • Health and wellbeing and more.


At Sapience Assessments, we believe that developing insight is essential for personal and professional growth. It is from growth that we see the full potential for people.  Not only will this enrich their own lives but also impact whole communities through successful business operations.   This is super exciting for us.  To encourage this growth across the community, we have created a niche platform to support human insight and development.  ​

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: To unlock the potential of our business community so they can enrich the lives of others.

Our Mission

To bring this vision to life, we have embarked on a mission to develop insight across the business community by making business and non-clinical psychometric assessments easily accessible.

Our Services

​All of our assessments have been validated and are reliable tools for you to trust. Our point of difference is our partnership model to ensure participants have the best experience and the process really does help to unlock their potential.  We work with clients directly and also provide specialist services for consultants and business coaches.


If you are a business consultant or coach, our platform will enhance your business by giving you access to a suite of new tools you can provide to your clients. ​


As a business manager, you may want your team members to get the benefit of insight but you don’t have the time or knowhow to administer the tools.  We provide direct nonclinical assessment services for you and your teams.  

For Consultants and Coaches

Assessments to enhance your service offering directly with your clients

For Business Leaders 

Assessment and feedback services to support your team's selection and development

Use Cases

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