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The work personality assessment provides a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance.  It helps you identify key motivators and behaviours - essential for hiring the right people, developing eteam members and supporting great leaders.


This assessment can be used for:


  • Supporting your recruitment and selection process to compare candidates' alignment with a role
  • Guiding a development process with a team member through the identification of strengths and opportunities for improvement in alignment with the demands of a specific role or work context.
  • Identifying potential career path and future job role based on personal preferences.


This product includes an intake communication to understand the application of the tool and the establishment of an on-line self assessment process with each candidate. Once complete, a summary report will be provided to the consultant/coach with written supporting notes for the debreif session with their client.


Sample Report

Consultant's Resource: Workplace Personality Assessment

Excluding GST
  • Please note, if you are rating more than one candidate for a role you are recruiting for, please search and purchase "Additional Raters" in the shop.

    Additional raters will be discounted as they do not requrie additional mapping

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