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The Creative Response Assessment assists organisations with selection, development, and building project teams by measuring different kinds of creative thinking in a business context. 


This product includes the delivery of a comprehensive report and 45 minute debreif with each candidate. If being used for selection, additional questions and enquiry options will be provided to the hiring manager.


Please subscribe for ongoing coaching and development follow-up support.

Creativity has been described as the most important economic resource of the 21st century. Research shows that creativity is one of the characteristics most needed to cope with today’s complex business environment, and in response to this, companies are increasingly including a chief innovation officer (CIO) among their senior management.

The assessment supports organisations with selection and development by assessing the way candidates respond to situation-based, realistic work problems. It measures the test taker’s ability to innovate, and how likely they are to use their creative initiative in the workplace.


This assessment presents a series of 12 scenarios and possible responses representing dilemmas typically encountered at work. Each possible response is rated according to how likely the respondent would be to choose it.

On completion, three scores are calculated:


  • The Creative Initiative score measures the overall likelihood of the respondent choosing a creative response when faced with a critical decision.
  • The New creative thinking style score reflects the tendency to think of radically new ideas, pursue multiple opportunities and take risks.
  • The Different creative thinking style score reflects the tendency to adapt and improve existing ideas, processes, products and services, while taking account of constraints.


The Creative Initiative score is designed for use in selection for positions where creativity is a job requirement. The New and Different creative thinking style scores may also be used in selection but are specifically applicable to developing project teams.


Research shows that teams are most successful when they encompass different styles of creative thinking, and combining individuals with high New and Different creative thinking style scores is an effective way to achieve this. All three scores have applications in individual development and coaching.


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Creative Response Assessment Report and Debrief

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