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The Adult Resilience Scale was developed to provide a tool to measure resilience in individuals.


Based on extensive research from military and civilian operational occupations, the Adult Resilience Scale utilised a large international database. There was significant item analysis and review, resulting in a 75-item scale measuring the Five Dimensions of Threat Perception, Adjustment, Decision Making, Coping and Recovery. The Adult Resilience Scale assesses these dimensions in individuals, and provides a framework for developing resilience skills and capabilities.


The Adult Resilience Scale pays particular attention to Threat Perception, as it provides a context for the candidate’s overall behaviour and emotions. This is because people can be resilient in some situations but not in others, making the Adult Resilience Scale particularly robust. The Five Dimensions of Resilience measured by the Adult Resilience Scale are as follows:


  • Threat Perception
  • Adjustment
  • Decision Making
  • Coping
  • Recovery.


Sample Report


Resilience Report and Feedback Session

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